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The Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 14 is a convertible 14-inch Ultrabook developed by Lenovo in 2015. It is one of many iterations in the ThinkPad line.

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I spilled water on my laptop, now it does not charge at all?

After I spilled water, I cleaned with paper towel. It was working fine , I still turned it off, now I was going to use it, but when I plugged the charger it just does not work. The light does not turn on to show that it is charging? So the laptop is not turning on because of low battery or I dont know if somethings wrong with it?

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Liquid damage can be tricky to repair. Depending on how long the liquid remained in there and what it damaged, you may need to look towards data recovery by a specialist unless the hard drive is removable and not soldered in. With any form of liquid damage to any electronic, it is best to seek out a professional’s help to open it up, and perform the necessary repairs.

Here’s a video explaining why and what you should do. Jessa from iPad Rehab is a renowned specialist in the repair industry. It’s lengthy video but I highly recommend watching some of it.

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