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The Kindle 4 has 4 models released September 28, 2011.

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Why can't I sync reading position from Kindle to Android?

I recently bought a Kindle 4th/5th generation under the impression that I could sync reading position from Kindle device to Android Kindle app.

I previously downloaded the book and used send to kindle email to send it to my phone.

When I downloaded the book on the kindle device from the archives documents, the book opened on the same page as on Android.

But when I read further on the Kindle device, it doesn't show that I've read further when I open it up again on the android.

I've tried turning on all the settings but it doesn't work.

How can I get it to sync both ways?

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How's it going I would like to try to help you out try go to your settings then go to device options then to personalize your candle and there should be an option that's called Whispersync if that's not on compatible then turn it on now if this is still giving you a problem then you device synchronization maybe disAble in another account maybe your Amazon account try to stay out let me know if it doesn't work I'll be happy to find more things to help you out

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Thanks for you reply Ray P.

I have whisper sync enabled on my account.

When I finish reading on my Kindle, I can continue where I left off by opening he Kindle app on my phone and going to last page read when the popup message shows.

However, the other way round, I don't get a message on my Kindle and it just opens to whatever was the last position on the kindle, not last read position on Android.


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