Cant find replacement led panel TPT490U2-EQYSHM.G SC1L anywhere!


Our TV got broken. I searched on the internet for replacement led panel TPT490U2-EQYSHM.G SC1L but unfortunately i found nothing. I am still try to search for it but it is hard.

Second option would be to search to a similar led panel and find another one similar.

But again i can”t find any specification of the led panel TPT490U2-EQYSHM.G SC1L .

There are some service centres that have the option to repair it but i want to do it myself. So i have a question always. Where they buy the replacement parts from ? :)

Btw version of the TV is : Philips 49PUS6101

If you can somehow helped me i will be apprecciated.

Greetings from Slovakia :)

  • Dominik
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