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The original Macintosh desktop computer, initially released as the "Apple Macintosh" in 1984.

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Sad Mac Face & Error Code 0F003

I found this piece of history on my wife old house attic, I’ve replaced the rear battery, but on start give me this “Illegal Instruction” error.

There’s a way to fix it?

Thank you all


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The traditional Macintosh error codes are displayed like this:


Where F indicates an exception occurred, and 3 indicates an illegal instruction occurred.

Here are the error codes:

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Yes, 0F0003 not 0F003

I've found on the web that it is an exception due to an illegal instruction, I was wondering if it could be fixable or not.

Thank you for your answer


Ask at

Please let us know your results


I get a sad face with 024000?


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