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The Alcatel OneTouch Pixi is an Android smartphone from Alcatel released in August 2013.

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Connect number to device

How do I connect phone number to my device

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The situation is the number that the provider gave is the number on my account but it is not the number on my device when I go to settings and look at about phone the number that is there is my old number I cannot figure out why the new number has not update


The number gave to me during activation is not the number that is displayed on phone so I am trying to figure out how to update network


No it's been three months so far, I can use the web watch movies youtube and all but I can not call or text on my phone or recieve nothing so I had to down load a text now add so I can call and text from my phone, I can figure it out Straight talk told me to network reset my phone but I dont not have that on my phone


MY Phone number still is not workinh somebody please help me


@evansjohn1 I am having to use a app to call and text on bc my phone will not call or text or recieve nothing they told me to network reset my phone well I do not have network reset idk what to do


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Anthony Zonneville  the phone number gets assigned by your cell phone provider. Could be as simple as inserting your Sim card.

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The Sim card is inserted I have factory reset the phone I just done know how to network reset the phone. .I cannot call or text or receive calls or text


My phone still does not work on my device


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