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Support and repair information for Beats Solo3 headphones.

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Can I replace the ground wire by cutting and reattaching

Can I cut the ground wire for both sides where it has frayed and reconnect or do I need to replace the wire

Update (02/19/2020)

Block Image

Block Image

it’s right before they connected all other wires with the black tubing it’s worn from use and also do I have to softer it? Can I tape it or a another way

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@arobidoux sure you can. You did not tell us where it needs to be connected so we cannot provide you with more detail. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words Ajout d'images à une question existante

Update (02/19/2020)

Alexarae Robidoux  thank you for the images. You could cut the whole first couple inches of the wires. Then remove the insulation from the wire for a couple of inches and and resolder the new strands t the connectors. You may lose a few inches of the total length but at least you would know that the wiring is good. Apply either some shrink tubing or some liquid electrical tape after.

Yes, soldering is really the only way to make sure that the cables are completely connected and stay that way.

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