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when I plug my Frigidaire double door in the compressor clicks on then

I have a Frigidaire FRS6L9EFSS3, It was not cooling so I replaced the relay switch, it continued doing the same. I replaced the thermostat, and also the damper unit, but it still reading 75/75 or 80/80, I can heard the fans but not the compressor could this be low on Freon or leak?

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Before you see and dismiss my answer, please look at the difference between the thermostat and the thermistor.


The thermistor monitors the refrigerator temperature and sends the temperature reading to the control board. The control board regulates power to the compressor and evaporator fan based on the thermistor readings. If the thermistor is defective, the compressor and evaporator fan may not run when necessary. As a result, the refrigerator will not be cold enough. To determine if the thermistor is defective, test it with a multimeter. The thermistor resistance should change in conjunction with the refrigerator temperature. If the thermistor resistance does not change, or the thermistor does not have continuity, replace the thermistor.

You model has three possible thermistors show here along with a video on how to test it:

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