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Can I use for a MBP A1151 a MBP A1212 Display?


I have a MBP 17" Model A1151 and some problems with my display.

Now I found a used MBP A1212, with broken I/O-Board and broken Logic-Board, at eBay.

Can I use this display for my A1151?

Thanks for your help!

Greetings from Germany


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Yes, you can use the display from A1212 for A1151, with one catch:

You will need to use the airport card from the A1212 machine. The reason is that the A1151 machines have 2 airport antennas coming from the display, and the A1212 machines have 3 airport antennas. Beyond this, you're set!

Good luck!

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Hi Ben,

I have the flipside of the initial question.

Can I use a A1151 display in a A1229?

What issues might I encounter?



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