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Want to connect external monitor

I made a newbie mistake... putting the screws back into the side of my computer where the ethernet port, firewire and the connection I use for hooking to my large monitor is, I inadvertently put the screw into the hole beside the monitor plug in... Instead of the screws hole.

I have tried everything to get the screw out, from magnets, to silly putty, etc... I cannot find any directions for taking this part out and replacing it or even what to call the part.

I know it's not essential to hooking up my monitor, but I'd like it to be right. Any suggestions? If I need to simply replace the plug in for the monitor, I will, but don't know how or what to order.

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I've had a couple of these come in that way and had to use a screw extractor to get them out. The port is part of the logic board and can't be replaced. Here's what I use: Precision Screw Extractor Set

Image Precision Screw Extractor Set


Precision Screw Extractor Set


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