Hangs at 75% boot progress bar

Any advice for an 820-00840 hanging on the apple logo at about 75% after a light spill? Feels like there has to be something simple I'm missing.

Very light corrosion about an inch inward from the usb-c ports, reballed pretty much everything in the vicinity out of frustration but the only real corrosion was on the bottom board capacitor bank.

-Passes hold d at boot diagnostic

-Will boot into recovery mode, and successfully reinstall os, on first attempt to boot into the os hangs on bar and logo

-Apple logo often gets a red box around it and the loading bar turns green. Some sources online indicate this is a purely visual issue.

-After about 10 minutes of hanging, reboots with the message "Your computer restarted because of a problem"

What is required for boot but not during an update that I might have missed?

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