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Why don't my USB ports work?

I've noticed recently that both of the USB ports on the right side of my G71 are not working correctly. Whenever I plug a device into the top one, I get a "USB device not recognized" message, and plugging something into the other gets nothing at all. The third USB port (on the left side) works perfectly fine.

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Try reloading the USB drivers. Cheapest easiest fixes first then dive in to innards.


my cd roma worked until I update my window


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I finally opened the computer. The ribbon cable from the USB board to the motherboard was unplugged at the motherboard. I now have all 3 USB ports functioning again!

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I would remove the keyboard and check to see the connector for the USB ports on that side is firmly connected. If it is check the ports carefully for damage or debris. I am including a link the the service manual. Good luck.

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Thanks for the link, I'll be sure to try that.


Definitely appreciate the link. Thanks for your help in this.


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