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Missing capacitor on motherboard

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the capacitor (?) that I circled here is missing on my board. The phone doesn’t power on. Anyone knows what it does and what to replace it with?

update: I found it is c2721, where can I find these capacitors? (I live in the Netherlands)

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another update: I got in touch with a motherboard repair shop who is going to give it a shot to repair. He has a ‘No cure No pay’ policy so I guess we’ll see. Thanks anyways!

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That missing capacitor would not stop the phone booting. What would be more important is why it is missing. That line I think is a CPU power line and since it has another 6 capacitors on that line I would not be concerned.

As for why your phone is not functioning we will need some more info.

·         How did the phone become like this?

·         Is it recognised by iTunes?

·         Does it draw any current before prompt to boot?

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It is not recognized by iTunes, neither does it draw any current. I don’t know how it got in this state. I bought the phone like this, the seller told the phone was dropped and not functioning after that.

I tried a screen and battery that were confirmed to work and I still did not get anything. The seller said there was never any work done to the motherboard but the shield and sticker covering that capacitor were missing. So I doubt that he’s telling the thruth.


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Not recommended solution

but try resolder it if you have an air solder(reflow station)

1.The hacky expensive way but sure that it will work is to get an donor of the same motherboard

Like phone with cracked screen, bootloop or something that the motherboard part that you need still works

And solder tha part that is missing

  1. get the same resistor value and same size

And solder tha part that is missing

3. the RECOMMENDED way is to get a full working motherboard (like option 1) and replace the whole board

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You can probably find a capacitor of that kind on the website LCSC.

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