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Repair information for the HP EliteBook 840 G3. This Hewlett-Packard laptop is designed for enterprise usage.

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What is the maximum RAM for HP EliteBook 840 G3?

I have seen specs with 16 GB but also with 32 GB.

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It depends on the CPU since the northbridge is part of it and the days of the BIOS dictating it have been over for at least 10 years.

Based on what I can find, this is a 32GB across the board machine - it isn’t part of the generations where it was either 16/32GB depending on how much you or the previous owner spent, which dictated if it’s an i5 or i7. The lowest end “common” CPU (i5-6200U) is a 32GB part. Even the i3-6100U is 32GB capable, although this isn’t as common - thankfully.

However, it was only validated for 16GB. You are on your own since HP stopped at 16GB since you do not know why - early boards could have an issue beyond 16GB but may be corrected on later ones.

EDIT (3/9/21)

Now that I own a 840 G3, I did some of my own research so I knew what it can accept when I inevitably want to upgrade my RAM from 8GB. Since the time I wrote my answer, the G3 is now officially listed as a 32GB system per HP on the spec page and the datasheet. So it’s official - 32GB.

The snag with these is they are a little picky about the modules you install, so you can’t stick a lot of no-name memory in these. However, any reputable brand is typically fair game. The HP BIOS used on the Elite series really does not like inconsistent memory.

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I own the following model:

HP EliteBook 840 G3

- 14" FHD, Intel Core i5-6300U 2.4Ghz, 8GB DDR4, 256GB SSD, Bluetooth 4.2, Windows 10 64

As a test, I bought two Crucial CT16G4SFD8266 (16GB DDR4 2666 MHz SODIMM) single memory modules. The laptop works fine with both modules installed, and BIOS and Windows indicate 32 GB RAM usable. The RAM runs at 2133 MHz and memtest64 completed without errors.

Total cost for the RAM: under $125 from Microcenter.

Nice rig for memory-intensive tasks that are light on CPU.


It usually does work as you found out, but since it isn't validated by HP the caution needs to be out there just in case the reason is deeper then laziness. Your method was the "right" way since you can return one module if it's like that for a reason and not superficial - just remove DIMM B.

Usually it's either due to laziness during development (doesn't think someone wants to run 32GB on that class of laptop) or early revisions don't work but later ones do since the flaw wasn't a priority at the time since it just removes the ability to go beyond the validation maximum - either at the board level or early BIOS level.

That is also why it's a bad idea to exceed the validation professionally. That said, I'd be okay with saying it usually works if the customer asks if you can install 32GB - especially if you've seen it in customer machines.


I have successfully operated 64GB of RAM in this unit (840 G3) with N.75 bios. 2 sticks of 32gb (SAMSUNG M4714G43MB1-CTD).


I updated this with new info - HP made it official 32GB works.


Dave, your comments keep making iRobot unhappy. Try wording it like my above comments.


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