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Coffee brewmaster released in 2013. The Keurig K40 is a k-cup compatible coffee maker.

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K duo essential. All 5 lights in solid

All 5 lights are on solid on my K Duo Esstential and unit will not do anything. Please help

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What fixed mine was.. I unplugged it and took the tank off and emptied it.. then plugged the unit back in with the tank off. Then it started to try and fill so I reinstalled the tank and refilled it with water.. everything went back to working properly.. I hope this helps someone else at 5 am ..

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Ugh didn't work for me


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My husband’s did the same thing and we couldn’t figure it out. We called Keurig and they couldn’t help either. My father in law fixed it rather quickly. When you open up the Keurig where the lights are, where they connect, it was loose. We don’t know how it happened, but he just tightened it up, and it works perfectly fine now.

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