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Standard and high definition handheld video cameras by Sony.

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I started to get E:62:11 after falling.

After falling on a hard ground from 50cm of height, I started to get E:62:11 after falling. When it occurs, the lens stops balancing and goes aside. Seems to happen when I do stronger movements. Wont buy these balancing lens again. The zoom and focus wheel has been damaged also and its hard to move.

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@Karen soghomonyan E:62:11 is an issue with the image stabilization. If the camcorder shows this error you can only try to resetting the camcorder and try again. This is done by removing the battery or ac power, wait 10 second, reapply the battery or ac power and try again.

The other issues appear from more mechanical failure so you will have to try to disassemble it. We will need to know the exact model to see if we can help you with that.

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