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The HP Pavilion dv9000 series was introduced in 2006.

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Does HP still fix bad laptops?

I have plans to buy a DV series laptop with the bad GPU to reflow it and fix mine, however, it must be intel, if AMD gets it, fine, i'll buy a AMD

Does HP still fix this or did they stop years ago, my GPU before the motherboard entirely died was not covered and I have read some are and some aren't, some get lucky, some don't

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DONT BUY A HP DV i only have 500 hours on the unit and it over heats cant use any GAME DVD CD on the unit other wise it turn off and have to wait 30 min before it can be turn on again and the problem is still there.So much for and entertaiment laptop (dv7-3060 ATIMobility Radeon HD 4530. Read the blogs as far as HP its not a problem but thery fix it for 300 bucks. Save you money.


They still make bad laptops so presume they still fix them :)


Am I shocked? no, I seen a freind's NON DV 6X series fai(it's a dv6) and showed him how to bake the video back to working order, hopefully it fixes for some time before I need to help again


i scrapped it for parts over a year ago, i will NEVER buy a HP laptop with NVIDIA or suggest them because i recover so many of them with this issue


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Instead of relying on word-of-mouth, you should contact HP directly. Good luck getting through with everyone trying to snatch TouchPads.

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