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Tristartester dock fail, but the phone charges.

A colleague uses a tristar tester (small blue box) and brought a phone that gave a dock FAIL when using the tristar tester. I have no experience with this device. The phone charges fine and I have 3.7V running on BATT_VCC. Dock resistance is the same as ZXW.

What should I check next? Does anyone have experience with the tester? I don’t wanna just change the tristar and hope the problem goes away.

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Does the battery hold its charge and doesn’t run empty fast?


gonna test this today


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The Tristar Tester does give false positives so take a step back and try to determine what the original problem was and why the other shop used a Tristar tester in the first place.

Often times, we can get fooled by other people’s (or tools) troubleshooting conclusion. Always ask for the original problem, do the troubleshooting yourself and then see if that matches the conclusion of the customer or referring shop. Don’t forget, they are coming to see you because YOU are the expert, not them.

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I have used this tester for a while now, as Minho stated sometimes they do give false positives. Dock failed doesn’t mean a faulty Tristar it is implying it has picked up an open line. I have had this happen with some aftermarket dock connectors or when I have connected the tester upside down as it is not reversible.

Some things you should know about using this tester.

·         Make sure it is connected the right way.

·         You need to have a good connection.

·         It will show dock failed on some aftermarket dock connectors even though the dock is fine.

·         This tester is unable to verify you have a good dock connector it only checks for open lines.

·         These testers only tests 8 of about 25 lines on the Tristar, I have come across the 1V8 reset line being faulty but the tester displayed “passed” as it doesn’t check this line.

·         If it shows fail it doesn’t automatically mean a bad Tristar I usually check if multiple lines have failed before replacing the IC if only one or two lines have failed a would try another dock first.

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Chris, this is a great update! Based on your experience, do you recommend this tool as they are quite expensive? I've always seen this tool as more oriented towards non micro-soldering shops.


I have a tristar tester if you mean the little green pcb one. I never use it anyway.


@benjamen50 What the OP and Chris are referring to are the blue box testers like this one.


@refectio I don’t think it is a necessity Minho I only use it because it is there and if it broke I wouldn’t purchase another one unless it could check all the lines under Tristar. There have been more than one occasion when I have connected it in front of customers and told them there Tristar is fine and it’s probably the battery or dock and then having to bill them more because it was in fact a faulty Tristar. At the end of the day it doesn’t take long to change Tristar and it can be ruled out and you can move on without something in the back of your mind telling you “maybe I should have changed Tristar first”. Another thing I came across once was with the iPhone XR it showed Hydra as “Failed” when actually it was Tigris which I would have seen if I had looked at it instead of believing the Tristar tester and replacing Hydra.


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Device wasn’t charging according to the customer. so my colleague checked with the tristartester. It said “check battery pressure” and “USB connection “. He then replaced the battery and charging dock  After that it gave the “dock fail” I tried another dock and battery and got the same message.

I’ll check when I get the store if it is still working.

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