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Can I add watermark on videos?

Hi, all

I want to add in all videos a watermark, but I don’t know how to do it. Do I need a tool? If so, Is there a good recommendation?

Many Thanks


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dear jugher,

yes, you can, most users will add watermark to videos or photos to protect their media which prevents other users from stealing your work. My recommendation or suggestion is you can try a watermark software like me, I will use '''EasePaint Watermark Expert''' to add watermark to all of my photos after I go out for photo shooting during the weekend and I will share it on my personal blog or page.

Besides, according to your situations, you may need the batch mode to batch add watermark to all your videos. Just have a try on the software, the steps are easy and hope to hear good news or feedback from you!

Have a nice day ahead. Cheers!

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