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Repair and disassembly information for the Samsung 55" UHD television with model numbers UN55MU6290xxxx. Released in 2017.

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Will not turn on, no lights showing and will not reset

TV will not reset, will not turn on and shows no lights even on standby.

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Hi @percybear631 ,

If there is no standby light when the power is connected to the TV, have you checked that the wall power outlet is working OK? Test it by plugging in a hair dryer and see if it works.

If the TV is connected to a powerboard (powerstrip?), connect it directly to a known working wall power outlet and check if the standby light comes on.

If still no good, was there a storm or power outage just before the TV ceased to function?

If so or even if not, disconnect the power from the TV and then remove the back cover from the TV and visually inspect the boards, especially the power board for any obvious signs of damage.

If it all seems to be OK, use an Ohmmeter to verify that the power cord is OK from the plug to where it connects to the power board.

Next check that the fuse on the power board is OK

If that is OK, reconnect the power to the TV and then use a Voltmeter to check that the standby voltage as shown on the power board is there. I’m not sure re your particular model but it should be written on the power board what voltage should be there. Usually it is +5V DC

If it is there check the cable connection between the power board and the mainboard.

It is the mainboard that turns on the standby LED when it receives the standby voltage from the power board.

Hopefully a start.

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