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IPad screen popping out of its frame

I asked a question about this last time, saying pressing the corner to the right of the home button caused my screen to turn gray. Well, turns out the screen was popping out (thanks person that told me about that), but now it’s gotten a bit worse. The screen is popping out much more than before and it’s gotten to the point where I have to try multiple times to press down on the home button, due to the screen popping out slightly there and making it difficult for the button to move far enough to actually go to the home screen. It’s spread to the corner above the starting point (not as bad there, but still present) and pressing on the home button causes a small “flare”, basically that thing that happens when you put your fingers on a tv screen. What should I do? I live with my parents and am anxious to tell them about this issue, so are there any fixes I could do at home that would work?

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It sounds like the battery is swelling up inside the iPad. The battery needs to be replaced before any permanent damage to the screen occurs.

There are probably guides on here to explain how to do this.

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