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The DigiTech RP70 is manufactured by Harmon and is a modeling guitar processor. This device is compatible with ¼ inch instrument cables and most amps. This guide can be used for all DigiTech RP70 models.

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How can I diagnose why isn't it powering on so I can try to fix it?

Nothing looks damaged or burnt and I can’t really find the problem just by looking at it haha. I’m pretty shure something burned down because I lended it to a friend and he tried to use it with a 9v DC 1800mA power source (original is 300mA).


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Hi @jotitax ,

The current supply value doesn’t matter as the device will only draw as much current as it requires.

What does matter is the value and the polarity of the DC voltage supply.

Looking at the specifications for the RP-70, it requires a 9.6V DC 300mA -ve power supply from the adapter and not the usual +ve power supply that it found on most adapters i.e. -ve is on the centre pin and not +ve, it is reversed to what is the usual case.

Most probably the more common 9V DC +ve power supply adapter was used. The voltage difference in this case is only negligible and wouldn’t affect performance too greatly and wouldn’t damage the device. It is the polarity of the voltage supply that was the problem. Most likely the device doesn’t have reverse input voltage polarity protection so therefore the damage occurred.

Here’s a composite image of some generic DC adapters to show what to look for on the adapter to know what the polarity of the DC power supply is. Usually the polarity symbol is also shown on the device itself to help to know what the polarity of the supply voltage should be, especially in this case where it is reversed to the norm. Some adapters even come with reversible plugs as opposed to fixed plugs, so that the polarity of the supply can be changed to suit if required, so you have to be aware of this when using them.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

You will have to open the device and check for damaged components close to the power supply input.

I can’t find a schematic for the device but if you can’t see anything obvious, post some close up images of the board back here

Here’s how to do this. Ajout d'images à une question existante

Here’s a link to the ifixit DigiTech RP70 guides, that will help to open the device so that it can be inspected, if you haven’t already done so.

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