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How do I test lightning port?

My iPod Touch won’t turn on and I read that I might need a new battery or the lightning port is broken. How do I test the lightning port? I currently have the iPod open with the battery still connected but it is removed.

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There could be a few issues.

-Batteries typically wear out after a couple years and needs replacement.

-You can purchase a USB amp meter to test if it takes any current. It should take roughly .50 amps when charging. Here’s one I use

-It could also be an issue with TriStar. TriStar is a USB validator. It basically checks if the accessory you plug in is apple certified. The cheap “fake” chargers available lack proper surge protection and if there’s a sudden power surge, TriStar can get damaged. It’s noticeable when the battery completely dies as it will say it’s taking a charge, even when hooked up to a USB amp meter, but never actually charges. There is a tool available to test it but it costs roughly $150. A local repair shop may have one on hand.

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Wow, thanks so much for this response. The thing is, I am a beginner but I am pretty good with my hands. By this, I mean that I have successfully replaced an iPhone 7 Display myself and was also able to disassemble and reassemble this iPod Touch to see if I could find any visible issues. However, I don't have a lot of experience to actually diagnose it. The reason that I was asking the question about testing the lightning port is because when I plug the iPod in, nothing shows up, and when I connect to iTunes, it doesn't get read. Also, holding the power button does not make the battery symbol or Apple logo show up. What should I test overall or do? Thanks a lot.


Congrats on fixing that iPhone 7! I hope it's working well. I would start by testing the port with the amp meter I mentioned. By doing that, it tells you whether or not the device has some sort of life.


Thanks! Yes, it was working perfectly. Okay. Obviously, with the pandemic, it wouldn't be safe to go to a local repair shop, so do you think I should just wait? I also don't know how long this emergency is going to last, but I want to fix it, of course!


You do what you want, but yes I would wait, especially if you have a stay at home order in effect.


Okay. I reassembled the iPod but I had the break and remove the hard plastic bezel. I don't care that much about the iPod as it was a friend's and he didn't want it anymore. But, there's a way to replace that bezel, right? Also, how would I test the lightning port with the ammeter? Would I have to disassemble the iPod again (no problem)?


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