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50" Plasma TV by Sanyo released in 2007.

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Digital channel disappeared off this tv and not others on same antenna

Sanyo tv lost a digital channel while another tv using the same antenna still shows this channel. Have rescanned without success and the channel no longer even shows up on the list. Ideas? Thanks.

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Hi @cottonwood1 ,

Was the other TV connected to the same TV antenna outlet as the first TV to prove if the channel was still there or was it tested on another outlet off the antenna?

If another antenna outlet, is there a splitter involved or amplifier between the antenna and the outlets?

If so it may be a cable termination problem. Sometimes different frequencies can be affected by poor terminations of an antenna co-ax cable.

If the other TV was tested using the same antenna outlet as the first TV (also same cable from wall outlet to TV?) then the problem is either a low or no signal level channel at the first TV outlet or it is in the first TV tuner for that frequency for the affected channel group.

What is the signal level shown by the “good” TV’s inbuilt signal strength meter (most TVs have them in the menu area somewhere) at both antenna outlets for the “missing” channel, if this is the setup you have? That may give a clue as to what the problem may be

Have you checked if the V-guide setting is set to OFF in case it is blocking all content on the channel?

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I have the same problem...I wanted to make sure it wasn't the antenna wire so I took the wire into the Sanyo put in a splitter and added another TV. Only the Sanyo loses signal.


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