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Variante avec option LTE de la cinquième génération d'iPad, lancée en mars 2017. Disponible avec un stockage de 32 ou 128 Go, un écran Retina de 9,7" et un processeur A9 64 bits.

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iPad 5 Not Charging

I had a customer bring me an iPad 5 that doesn’t charge. I managed to get it to charge at 1amp sometimes but most times it charges at 0amps…

I checked vchargr and it was showing 4.2volts.. I changed Tristar and now the line shows 5 volt and I also changed charge flex and that didn’t do anything either…. So I tested vbatt on battery connector while plugged in and it shows 1.4 volts instead of 3.7 volts. I looked at a schematic board view for an iPad Air and they are totally different…

I plugged cable in without battery and the amperage goes to about 0.12 amps 0.15amps 0 then moves around but when I plugged battery back in and it boots, it goes back to 0 amps…

Did I install Tristar wrong or is something on vbatt line bringing the voltage down.. When the iPad boots, an I have cable plugged in, it says unlock device to use accessory then starts charging at 0.5amps which should be 2 amps…

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This is me the author from above.

i am just letting everyone know that I replaced tristar again with a new one and the iPad charges again!

just thought I’d let everyone know in case someone has the same issue as me. Make sure tristar is working !

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