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iPhone 7 plus homebutton working but fingerpirnt isnt working

Hello Ifixit

I encountered an Iphone 7 plus having an issue on fingerprint sensor the touch id has the same serial with the board itself but when i already boot it up and setting up the fingerprint the fingerprint tab just displays their and not noticing my finger . Double tap to go down is okay and homebutton is working so fine . Can you help me fix the issue ? Thanks i already tried to rearrange the flex cable but still didnt work tried resetting it also etc. nothing works .

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What led to this problem?


@imicrosoldering Battery Replacement and backcam replacement .


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Give the display connectors and cables a good inspection. If you creased or tore one of the cables, that could lead to touchID issues. Can you try a new screen?

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Yes like @hootonberg said a new screen should fix this issue.


I already tried a new screen and it didnt work also .


Same with the old one where the homebutton is good(Pressable /Vibrating when being clicked) but the fingerprint capability is not working .


You said you reset the phone. I don’t know what method you used but if you haven’t restored through iTunes I would give that a go it sometimes fixes the problem. If that fails it would point to a failure in the home button assembly.


@imicrosoldering thank you sir will try to restore it on itunes


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