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A Bluetooth smart speaker by Amazon, announced November 6, 2014. The Amazon Echo SK705DI features a voice-activated cloud-based assistant that can manage various tasks including playing music, reading news, creating lists, and answering questions.

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Dropped my alexa. Now it won't respond.

I set my alexa in the garage on a supposedly unstable surface, and it fell. However, it didn’t break on the outside, but now, even when she is plugged in, she won’t respond to me. What should I do?

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Hey there! Bummer about your Alexa falling. But don't worry.


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lorelai huse ….. dropping a device can jar something loose internally or damage a component. sounds like the microphone itself or circuit is in trouble. can you hear sounds? if so, speaker is good. when you speak, can you see any indications of the device trying to understand you? any response error like i dont understand or? to troubleshoot, use this guide to get the device open. then youll want to check the microphone and surrounding area for signs of trouble. loose disconnected connectors or burnt components.

Amazon Echo Repair

once the device is open, there are many slide you can click on to troubleshoot different parts of the device. again, start with the microphone/speakers/wiring connectors and the look at the motherboard. post back with any further assistance if needed.

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Hey there! Bummer about your Alexa falling. But don't worry. There's usually a solution for these kinds of tech problems. Have you tried restarting it or resetting it to factory settings? If those don't work, there's a helpful article on Multitechverse ( that covers common Area issues and how to fix them. They have a bunch of tips and tricks that might just do the trick. If all else fails, Amazon has a pretty good customer support team that can help you out. Good luck, and let us know how it goes!

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