radio has no am/fm but cd is fine

Here is the mystery on my 05 XC90 where the AM/FM radio was cutting out and now is totally dead. You push radio on button, display lights for a second, and goes out. Obviously it is not a fuse issue as it has power, lights up display and the CD works fine. So I replaced radio display module, same problem, amplifier is dry under seat which I know was a problem for thousands. but this didn’t allow any functions when the AMP fails. I disconnected fuse for AMP and same problem, CD worked, not any AM/FM. I then replaced the rear AM/FM tuner in the rear of vehicle, had active MOST signal, but no change. I disconnected CD, no change, so obviously I have not solved the mystery and having scanned the internet, many had same symptoms, but no answers or solutions were found. So does anyone have any ideas?


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