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15.1 MP camera released October 2008, succeeding the Canon 40D.

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Memory card formatting issue

My memory card was removed and when put back in gave me an error about needing to be formatted. It’s the same card I’ve used for years.

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Are you saying that the card can't be reformatted by the camera or that you don't want to do it because you will lose any data that is still stored on it?

Sometimes the card’s file table data area can get corrupted so that devices cannot "read" the contents of the card, therefore the message is displayed.

If you have a card reader connected to a computer, try inserting the card into the card reader and then check if the computer can detect and display the card’s contents.

If it can then there may be a problem with the camera. Copy and save the contents of the card to a computer and then try formatting the card in the camera and check that it works OK.

If it can’t then try reformatting it (XFAT format) using the computer and then reinserting it into the camera and check what the camera shows.

If it can’t be read or reformatted successfully then the card is faulty and needs to be replaced as they cannot be repaired.

If it can’t be read or reformatted you could try gently cleaning the gold contacts on the card using a clean eraser as handling the card incorrectly could accidentally leave oily deposits from fingers, palms etc on the contacts which can cause electrical connection problems, but there is no guarantee that this will solve the problem if the card is faulty

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