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Une console de jeux télévisés produite par Sony Computer Entertainements, également connue sous le nom de PS4. Annoncée le 20 février 2013 et lancée sur le marché le 15 novembre 2013.

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Won’t power on. No light. No sound. Nothing

So someone brought a PS4 to us to replace the HDMI port on it. Thing was tore up!!! Once I was done I went to test it out and the was NO power. It wouldn’t turn on or beep nothing. I have no idea if it was already doing that prior the hdmi repair because the owner of the ps4 just mentioned it didn’t have a display not that it wouldn’t power On

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I know what you're going through. I offer repair service in my area and I've come to realize that some customers will tell you one thing and it turns out to be something entirely different. I always make it a habit to test the entire PS4 after being dropped off on the customer. I would probably start with the power supply. There's quite a few YouTube videos shows you how to test power supply for the PS4

[PS4 repair gone wrong? I can help]

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