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The latest technologies together with Yamaha originality. The latest technologies include 4K Pass-Through compatible HDMI, upscaling to 4K resolution and AirPlay compatibility. YPAO Reflected Sound Control (R.S.C.), Dialogue Lift and Dialogue Level Adjustment for perfectly clear dialogue and vocals, and ECO mode show Yamaha originality.

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Turns on and immediately goes to power saver mode.

Does this unit have fuses? What else would cause it to shut down immediately after power button is pressed on?

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Hi @wapakboy

I have a feeling it is going to a protect mode,

based on the link below. try this:

Press and hold the 'tone control' and 'info' buttons and press power. This will release the protect. The first thing that show on the display will be the protect code to tell you why it shut down.

Get this downloaded also:

Take necessary caution when opening this unit.

There could be some capacitors, hold some charges, even power is off.

Check for the capacitors for any budging.

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Hi Augustine, @salmonjapan,

Thank you! Our receiver shut off out of the blue yesterday and we thought we would have to replace it. With your directions, however, it is working perfectly again.


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