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CD stereo system with 5 CDs, dual tape, FM Radio

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Identification of loose part and placement

Hi, I was repairing my Panasonic CD stereo system. I fixed the problem and while I was assembling it back a screw fell inside the stereo which was not visible. This made me toppling the system upside down. Rather than screw coming out, some other part fell on ground. After this CD tray keeps popping out all the time. I have no idea where this part has to go. It is a plastic hook with a spring. Part number mentioned on this is 0630.

Block Image

Block Image

Can someone help me finding the right spot for this part?

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Hi @flyingbird ,

It’s part #0530. It is an assist lever (hover your mouse over the image of the part that you posted and click on the magnifying glass. When the image appears click on it again to zoom in for a better look at the number)

Here’s an image from p.79 of the service manual that shows where it goes. (sort of). Part #317 on diagram

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

If it is broken then unfortunately most suppliers say No Longer Available (See p.81 Ref. #317 - Panasonic part #RML0530). You could always contact the supplier in the link to see if there is a compatible replacement part. It never hurts to ask ;-)

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@jayeff thank you for the detailed guide. My bad that I got the number wrong. It was broken and there is no hope to receive the replacement in lockdown. I made a temporary fix for the lever and it has solved the problem for now. Thanks once again.


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