My MacBookpro 17 (2006) inch has broken charging circuit?

Hi, after a while I’ve pulled my old mac book pro 17” core duo 2006 from wardrobe and when plugged I can hear something spinning like hdd but no boot chime: long story short I removed main battery (and also small cr2320 clock battery) the computer boot when cable is plugged but to completely turn it off I need to unplug the cable: reboot command don’t work, even when long pressing power button (after shutdown) can hear hdd spin down (I think) but unable to power it up again.

I read on this forum that drained batteries can cause these symptoms and I left the battery in charge for few hours but it remains almost at zero charge but computer get hot on rear near screen hinge, battery still quite cool .

Two temperature sensors read negative value:

TB0T: -128.0°C

Ts1P: -128.0°C

I can’t test the battery itself but the fact that computer can’t power off and on again without unplugging current cable suggest me another source of the problem.

Replace the MagSafe DC-IN Audio Jack USB Board could worth a try (on ebay for 9$ + shipping)?


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