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Voice memo and camera not working

I have an iphone 7 plus that has been dropped numerous times. First repair was a broken display, 2nd time it was audio IC problems paired with grey wifi problems. Customer also wanted to upgrade his storage so I gave him a 256GB NAND.

After 1 week he dropped the phone again

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The iPhone 7 have a few issues. Is it the rear camera? Does the flashlight not work? If that is the case it is probably the flashlight if. And voice memo might be the same problem again. See if siri works.

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Flashlight worked and then it was grey and after 1 min it worked again lol

Siri is working

Either nothing works or everything works.


It sounds like the flashlight ic contacts are making intermittent contact. It will also stop the rear camera from working. It also sounds that the audio ic is having problems again. The case on the iPhone 7 were thin and flexible and caused most of these issues.


Update, the phone has draws 280ma when plugged into the power supply. I really hope it is the PMU and not a CPU problem. Vdd main and boost are not shorted. Any advice for tackling this problem. I already removed all the components I replaced on earlier repairs. Audio IC, NAND and Wifi chip.


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