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110V vs 240V compatibility

Hello, I have the same issue, bought my BR in US a while ago and now Im living in Switzerland. It seems my device does not work here. Its very unfortunate, because I have tons of BR and DVDs that I would love to watch again. Is there a way to repair it, once it has been connected to 220v?

Many thanks in advance.

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This is for after fixing. Hopefully just the fuse!

You will need a 220 to 110 voltage stepdown transformer of about 50 to 100 watts.

Are you in or near Zürich?

Pusterla Elektronik AG probably has them.

Electronic parts supplier in Zürich, Switzerland

Hohlstrasse 52

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Here’s a composite image taken from the service manual for the player, showing the No Power troubleshooting flowchart. This would be a good place to start testing the player to check what has been damaged by plugging it into the incorrect power supply.

Be patient when going to download the manual as it takes a bit of time to go from processing to Download to find the file after you have passed the reCAPTCHA test and clicked on Go to Download below the document preview box.

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(click on image to enlarge for better viewing).

The first component in the flowchart to test is the fuse F1S01 this is a T2.5AH 250V fuse -example only which means that it is a slow blow fuse. If you install a standard 2.5A 250V fuse it will blow immediately due to the initial high inrush current when the power is first connected to the device. Also even though the fuse is rated at 250V doesn’t mean that the rest of the circuit is designed for 220-240V so don’t be misled by this.

After the player has been fixed you will need to connect it to the local mains power supply via a step down voltage converter - example only to use it. The BR player only uses 30W so select a device that has a suitable output.

Also not sure if it would need a ''step down voltage and frequency converter - example only'' instead, because the local supply is 50Hz and the USA supply is 60Hz. With some electrical equipment it makes no difference but with others it can. These converters are a lot more expensive and maybe it is better to purchase a BR player locally that is suited to the power supply.

Hopefully a start.

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