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Repair guides for the Samsung J7 Pro. Learn how to repair your Samsung J7 Pro on your own.

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Will the problem return?

My Samsung J7Pro phone going in for a professional repair service tomorrow fixing Window covered in purple lines that has eventually turned the whole screen pitch black. Besides professional mobile phone repair service provider how else can I be sure the problem doesn't return?

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You can’t really be 100% certain.

Display problems are usually caused by misuse by the user e.g. dropping phone once or a lot of times even, putting it in back pocket and sitting on it, getting it wet etc or if it is a faulty replacement display (bad batch perhaps) it may be beyond the control of the repairer to know until the phone is returned as faulty again after a period of time, as it should have been tested when it was installed

A reputable repairer will give a guarantee on their workmanship which usually also covers the display if it malfunctions during the guarantee period so long as the display problem has not been caused by the user of course.

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Hi Jayeff thank I appreciate your comment. The repair service man said the same thing as you. Wait! Prevention is better than cure! I will need a new cover preferably one with a magnet strap so if the device is dropped the cover is shut!


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