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Repair guides and support for weed whackers, also known as string trimmers, weed eaters, edge trimmers or line trimmers.

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How to replace the thermal fuse in Greenworks Weed Whacker #21212

Hi. I have a Greenworks Weed Whacker Model #21212. I was in the middle of using it when it suddenly stopped working. Everything checked out and working as far as extension cord and power supply. After much research it came down to the thermal fuse probably burning out. Was hoping to get some help in figuring out how to replace this AND hopefully without having to solder the replacement fuse. THANK YOU!

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Thank you for your response. Your suggestions are appreciated but must say I looked into all that before posting my question. No longer under wrnty and returning product is no longer an option. So, only recourse is to fix and repair the trimmer myself. My tech skills - as long as there’s clear instructions repairing tools myself usually ends well. Video seen here on iFixit replacing thermal fuses was thought to be helpful until I opened up case that holds the motor for my string trimmer and there was no thermal fuse to be found. So, I’m back to square 1.


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They don't list parts for it. Is it under warranty? If so return it and replace it or get a refund. If it out of warranty you should take it to the seller and see if they can repair it or refer you to someone who can. Or you can take it apart and try to repair it, I don't know your technical skills so you will have to decide if you want to try.

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