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The first phone in the Redmi Note series, released in July, 2014 and produced by Xiaomi. The Redmi Note TD-LTE 2014022 was the first Redmi phone to feature the large 5.5 inch display.

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Phone won't turn on

My device won’t turn on after charging for a few hours. I recently changed the charging connector and on the first few times using it, the device would just shine the red LED light at the top, and would attempt to turn on while the battery is removed. Now, it would not even turn on and the top LED wont show the red light.

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@thesamuelong10 double check your work to make sure all the solder/connections etc. look good. After that try a new battery and see if it comes on. If your charging port is properly installed and the new battery wont turn it on then it is most likely an issue with the charging circuitry on your phones motherboard

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