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Collapsable headphones originally introduced in 1984.

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Where to get Koss ESP6 stereophones restored

I inherited my dad's old headphones - they are Koss ESP6 electrostatic stereophones, vintage 1968! And wow are they heavy. There's a bunch of adapters in the case but I can't get the headphones to work. Would you know how I can go about getting them restored/refurbished?

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Here’s a link that may be of some help to start with.

Any reputable professional electronics repair service, especially those into audio repairs, would most probably be able to get the headphones working again. The electronic components, if faulty would most probably be replaceable except perhaps for the speaker cone itself if it were damaged.

As for refurbishing them back to original look, that may be more problematic as they haven’t been supported by the manufacturer since 1973 so getting replacement parts will be difficult if not impossible especially if they are the more “cosmetic” parts i.e. any exterior components e.g. earcup, exact headband etc.

You can only try and see if it can be repaired.

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michellemseymour besides the excellent answer provided by my colleague @jayeff I would suggest that you contact Koss itself. They have an outstanding reputation when it comes to their service. I restored an old set of "Cans" a few years back and parts were provided to me free of charge. There are also multiple documented cases that Koss actually did free repairs etc. Can't hurt to ask.

 Koss Corporation

Call 1-800-USA-KOSS


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