computer crashes then will not reboot

IMAC 27” 2429 EMC computer was working as normal screen froze and screen went to solid color with vertical lines and froze. powered off and tried to reboot apple logo came on and would go into constant reboot process. tried to reinstall os which works for a couple minutes and then does again. any idea how to fix this or if it is a software /hardware issue and which component to look at first?

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Restart the system and hold the D key to enter into the onboard diagnostics. Did you get any errors?


Hi Dan, I have tried to go into diagnostics and it doesn't go keeps timing out and goes into another reboot. even held the d key though three consecutive reboots nothing


I cant get it to go into recovery mode either! my keyboard is USB directly into computer


@ramunger - Are you using a USB keyboard or Bluetooth? Try the USB keyboard.


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