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The Canon Rebel T6i is a popular, semi-professional grade Camera designed for any user. This guide is meant to aid in the repair of a few common problems that may occur during normal use.

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My EOS T6i camera will not turn on

Hello. I don’t post often on forums but this camera is really getting to me. I have had this camera for a while, just pulled it out of storage and bought a battery for it. I charged the battery and plugged it in and the camera wouldn’t turn on. I turned to some other friends and they tried their batteries and the same thing happened. I tried seeing if it was the battery door that wouldn’t turn it on, I tried cleaning the connectors. Any help?

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@purpleprius double check the battery door as well as the SD card door. Both have a switch on it. Try to gently press on those doors, or the switch if you can identify those, while you try to turn your camera on. Try to reseat the lens since it can give you power issues as well. If all of this fails you most likely have an issue with the DC-DC board on your camera. Take a look at the motherboard and see if you find anything which looks “odd” Use this guide Remplacement de la carte mère du Canon EOS Rebel T6i for that. Replace the RTC battery as well just to make sure it is not what causes this.

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