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Model A1989, EMC 3358. A refresh of the existing design, with updated processor options and a change to the keyboard materials. Available in Silver and Space Gray. Released in May 2019.

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Can the new 2020 13" MacBook Pro SSD be upgraded after sale?

I purchased a new 2020 13” MacBook Pro with 512GB of storage. Can the SSD be upgraded to 1TB?

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Sorry the RAM and the flash storage is soldered to the logic board - None of the newer MacBook Pro’s since 2016 are upgradable!

If you just bought it you have a window to exchange it for a system which has more storage.

I do recommend getting a 16 GB of RAM and a base of 1 TB of storage. Anything less even for just day to day stuff will get bogged down in a year or two.

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