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The Nimbus is a wireless game controller released in 2016. It is designed to be compatible with the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV, and the Mac.

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Battery Replacement for Steelseries Nimbus

There seems to be no source for a new battery for this controller. Seems ridiculous. Mine sat plugged in for a couple months and is dead. I’m not going to buy a new controller when all I need is a new battery.

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Today I tried replacing the battery and I did it successfully. You don’t need the battery of the same dimension as the original. In my case I use lipo 1s 1,200 mAh which is 40x35x13 mm. It can be put into the battery chamber easily. The new lipo has only 2 wire, red and black. Simply cut the connector from original battery and connect the connector to the new battery. Do not worry about the third wire in the middle. I can charge via nimbus and use them without problem.

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Can you post the picture or place where we can buy that battery?


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Hi @cjellinger,

Looking at the ifixit Unsticking SteelSeries Nimbus Triggers guide, it shows the battery which has the following specification FT712257P 3.7V 820mAH.

Using this information I believe that the dimensions of the battery are 7.1mm depth x 22mm width x 57mm length.

If these dimensions are correct then it seems as though the battery is a special size just made for the manufacturer of the controller.

I found this battery that may be a suitable replacement, given that the measurements above are correct. It is rechargeable, has the correct voltage, nearly the same capacity (mAH) and most importantly it should physically fit into the controller.

There are some drawbacks if you decide to try installing this battery as a replacement.

It may have to be soldered into place rather than plugged in as it only has a two pin connector which most probably is not suitable for the 3 pin connector on the motherboard. Perhaps you could cut off the new battery 2 pin plug and cut the wires off the old battery at the battery end and then solder the red wire to the red wire and the black wire to the black wire , joints insulated with heatshrink tubing, so that the new battery is using the old battery plug connector. Just a thought

It hasn’t got a 3rd wire for the battery management control (usually tied to a thermistor attached to the battery case inside the packaging) so it may not charge when connected depending on the charging circuit monitoring arrangement that is used in the controller. If it does charge then the charging will have to be supervised as there will be no cut-off arrangement if the battery gets too hot after it is fully charged and the charger has not been disconnected, which can create problems, even a fire. Perhaps an audible alarm timer could be set as a reminder to disconnect the charger after a suitable charging time has elapsed

The battery compartment may have to be padded out a bit to hold the battery in place as it is a bit shorter than the original

Given the cost of the battery (didn’t check what the shipping costs are or how long it would take to deliver) it may be an option to consider to keep the controller working rather than being discarded.

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Yes, thanks. Others had gotten that far as well, and I decided that that battery would not do the job without absurd modifications. You’d think someone would have reverse engineered or replicated the setup by now. I can’t imagine everyone goes out and buys a new $60 controller every time the battery craps out. Do other controllers have the same issue?


Hi @cjellinger

Some do because planned obsolescence is their business model. They don't wish to provide service or spare parts. Just push product out as cheaply as possible to maximize profit

Other manufacturers do this as well so the better option is to try and find a manufacturer's device wherein this case it is possible to easily replace the battery and also that there are other spare parts available as well if necessary.

The more this is done by consumers the more chance that either the manufacturers who don't do this will change their business model because it is hurting their bottom line or they will go out of business.

Sorry for the rant. I find this as annoying as you do


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If you all still have access to the receipt, the warranty replacement process is easy.

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