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Un petit rafraîchissement du MacBook Air de fin 2018, avec le même numéro de modèle (A1932) et le même numéro EMC (3184). Ce modèle est doté d'un écran True Tone et d'une batterie légèrement révisée.

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Should I been using MacBook Air 2019 model with keyboard cover?

It’s been 10 months that I’ve been using my Macbook Air 2019 Retina model with a keyboard protector. Still, out of the fear of damaging the keyboard, I’ve never used it. I’m aware of 4-year apple keyboard policy. Still, what would you suggest? Should I use it with a keyboard protector or no? Thank you!

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There are a few reasons not to use a cover. The first is the gap between the display and the keyboard is very tight! The oils and grit on the top of the key will rub against the LCD panel creating rub marks on the panel. This happens more when you are using a tight sleeve cover to carry your MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. Do not use palm rest or keycap covers on a Mac notebook with a Retina display

The second issue is heat! The issue in many MacBooks, MacBook Airs or MacBook Pro’s is heat buildup. There are enough gaps along the edge and in the keyboard its self to allow some air to enter to help cool the logic board.

The newer CPU’s in the MacBooks & MacBook Air’s run cooler they don’t face heat fatigue the other parts of the logic board still can.

As far as the fear of causing harm to the keyboard, Eating and drinking over your keyboard is just not a smart move! So I would avoid it, But we are human! We need nourishment and it always seems to be around a computer! So if you are a klutz then don’t!

Apple has a aggressive keyboard policy for the Butterfly keys keyboards. So while its only for four years I think you’ll likely up grade your system by then. Keyboard Service Program for MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro

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A silicone keyboard cover is a thin, rubber-like material that is placed over a keyboard to protect it from dust, spills, and other contaminants.
There are many purposes why you should use a silicone keyboard cover.

  • First, they protect your keyboard from spills and other contaminants.
  • Second, they keep your keyboard clean and dust-free.
  • Third, they help to protect your keyboard from damage.
  • Finally, they are a great way to customize your keyboard.

A silicone keyboard cover is a great way to protect your keyboard from spills and dust. They are easy to clean, and they last a long time.

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@juliettealison - The series of the system is a very large factor! If you had a 2015 or older system I do encourage the use of a keyboard skin if you fear you'll get food and drink or other environmental materials into your keyboard.

From 2016 this gets iffy! As Apple reduced the gap between the lid and the upper case when they went to the Butterfly key design. To add to it when Apple went to the Magic key design they didn't add back the full space of the older scissor design. Some of the ultra thin skins needed just don't lay-down very well and after a while they tend to curl up.

I had recommended using one to a friend who uses his MacBook to control a Two-Axis WaterJet Cutting Table as he was concerned about the mist being kicked up getting inside. It didn't take long for the skin to breakdown. Instead he ended up building a case to hold the system from the mess and now uses USB wired keyboard/trackpad unit with an external monitor.


This model has serious keyboard keys blocking problems beacuse of the dust and dirt which can't be removed. I had 4 (four) free keyboard changes (which means changing the full upper case) during 1,5 years, so I strongly recommend to use a silicone keyboard cover.


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