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LG 60pa6550 plasma tv display issue

Hello I have a LG60pa6550 Plasma TV. The TV will work fine and I can leave it on for 24 hours or it seems indefinitely without issue. I can also turn the tv off and back on without issue if done within a short period of time. However If the TV is off for a few hours the screen will not display for 24+ hours. I have both left tv unplugged and plugged in but off and I still have to wait over 24+ hours for the tv screen to display again. I opened the back and could not find any bulged capacitors. When the tv is turned on, I can hear sound but no display. At times if I do not wait the sufficient time, the tv will display for a few minutes but turns itself off /standby mode, when I press power again the tv will turn on and I will have sound but no display and simply have to wait with tv off for 24+ hours for it to work normally. When I unplug the television and wait 24+ and plug it back, at times the Tv panel will glow for about a second, when this occurs the tv works fine. If I plug it back in and the panel does not glow for a second the tv will not display.

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@wishwash the issues with a delayed start is usually related to some power transistors (FET) that have failed etc. Take a good look at the power board and check both sides for any evidence of arcing (i.e. burn marks etc.) For now this does sound like a power supply issue. You can always post some pictures of your boards with your question so that we can see what you see. Ajout d'images à une question existante

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