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Sorti 22 septembre 2017. Modèles A1864, A1897. Disponible en version GSM ou CDMA / 64 ou 356 Go / Or, argent et gris sidéral.

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Why will charge port not work after being replaced?

Phone will not charge with new or old charge port installed. But works when the charge port connector is disconnected or connected without being installed

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Are you saying that the phone works but won't charge and you have used 2 different charging ports and neither work.


Why did you initially replace the port?


@hootonberg replaced charge port because it would turn on but not charge or be recognized in iTunes. But the port works when it is connected to the lego connector but not installed.


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1 solution

That is the fault related to triester and some tracks that sense the charging have a problem. Once check on iTunes throw pc that detect or not.

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