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Mac Pro Processor Upgrade

Apple Mac Pro "Quad Core" 3.2 (2012/Nehalem)

Identifiers: Mid-2012 - MD770LL/A - MacPro5,1 - A1289 - 2629

Can I upgrade it with 2x 6-core processors?

Can I replace the existing 1x CPU Tray (unit) with 2x CPU Tray (unit) from a 2010 Mac Pro?


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Yes, you can exchange the tray 2010-2012. Do not use a 2009.

To kick it to the max go with a matched

PAIR of Intel Xeon X5690 3.46GHz SLBVX 6 Core CPU X58 LGA1366 Processors

Beware of ordering these out of China right now - they’ll take your money, not deliver and finally give you your money back two months later. So pay a little more and find ones already in your country.

You will not need to de-lid these unless you are installing on a 2009.

If upgrading the RAM, do it all at once so all the chips are the same,

Wear a seat belt when using this speed demon.

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