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Can I replace the HD with a SATA drive?

The HD of my PowerBook G4 12" 1.5 GHz recently died, and I am getting ready to follow the guide to replace it. However, I'd like to order the replacement HD off Amazon because I have a gift card (and funds are kind of tight right now).

I see that the related products to the replacement guide list ATA drives, but when I look on Amazon all I see are SATA drives. Can I put a SATA drive in my PowerBook without needing any kind of additional adapter or modification? Or do I have to find an ATA/IDE drive only?


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No SATA. ATA/IDE drives only in your Powerbook G4. Amazon has plenty, refine your laptop hard drive search to ide, pata or eide

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Thanks so much for clarifying! I kept reading conflicting things on whether PATA was also IDE, and Amazon lists various hard drives as PATA, ATA or IDE. Nice to know they're all the same and will work.


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Actually you can with an adapter. I know this question is a bit old, but I thought I would give my experience for future reference.

I purchased a 2.5 sata to ide adapter that was small enough to fit inside my powerbook. While it took a bit of work to make things fit correctly, it can be done.

The only issue I ran into was when it came to reinstalling the os, I had to do it via firewire disk mode as my G4 would not recognize the hard drive until it was initialized.



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I have a powerbook g4 early 2005 model. Could you elaborate on exectly what you did and exactly what adapter you used. Thx


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