Why globe light goes off?

Hello, will try to make this short but will see :)

Have a weird behaviour with my move controller, MODEL - CECH-ZCM1E.

The globe and (not sure if it’s right way to call it but gyro sensor) goes off whenever a rumble motor is activated by a game. This makes controller unusible.

To “recover” it’s either pressing reset button or power off and on the device with another one.

Things that tried so far:

  1. Reset button.
  2. Unpair/Pair using usb cabble.
  3. Contacting PS fix and replace support(not even sure why).
  4. Disassemble and clean contacts using alcohol.
  5. Swapping batteries(used one from a working controller)
  6. Swithed off the rumble feature from within PS4 settings(THIS DID WORK keeping light and tracking on)
  7. Desoldered the motor(THIS DID WORK keeping light and tracking on)

And that’s where I’m at now, everything exept rumble is working. Another thing to mention is I did test motor with 1.5V AAA battery and it runs just fine.

P.S. Ain’t to confident with soldering that’s why haven’t test if swapping motors would solve this.

P.S.S. Just out of curiousity used jump wire to short connections on the board that motor uses. Result is exactly same behaviour as with motor it self (globe and gyro goes off), hinting a potential short somewhere.

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