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Annoncé en mars 2015 et mis sur le marché le 10 avril 2015, le Galaxy S6 Edge est la version à écran incurvé du tout nouveau téléphone phare de Samsung.

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Device not charging or powering on.

I have an S6 edge that is not charging. When you plug it in it says charging with something like 0.3A. I transfered the main board to a working samsung s6 edge but still the same.

Then I replaced the power IC and charging IC and also the same.

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When I charge it, the battery logo on my display stays empty. It doesn’t even say %. When I start up the phone it shows the samsung logo and powers off. I read the older samsung phones are known for emmc failure. Anyone have any tips or fixed this problem before?

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Seems you have done enough efforts to get you phone alive. But, have you tried a battery replacement. May your phones battery is old enough to hold the charge. Here I must include, no matter how recent you have purchased the battery/phone, modern Li-ion battery loses the charging cycle rapidly if you charge and recharge it rapidly. As per the “emmc failure” , it has nothing to do with charging. However, it can cause you Galaxy get hotter while using or charging it.

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Tried 2 batteries. One from a working s6 edge. I put the mainboard in the case and a newly bought battery.


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