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Released on November 22, 2005, the Xbox 360 wireless controller is the primary game controller for the Microsoft's Xbox 360 home video game console.

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Why is the left joystick going down and to the right ( Soldering)


I bought some replacement sticks for my old controller seeing as how it kept drifting in games and it was just getting worse, so I decided to solder some new ones on ( not new to soldering) as this would be my second project, but first time soldering on a PCB, I thought this wouldn’t be too hard. After a bit I did get both the sticks off ( I felt the solder sucker didn’t work as properly as i seen it done on the videos I seen ) and needed some finesse.

After getting them out I changed also to shoulder tack buttons ( got those to work) and did manage to get the right stick working just fine, but I was left with the left stick not really working properly. I checked on Xpadder and it seems to just be holding onto the right and down ward way, even thought the stick is filly seated straight. I decided to take it apart again and try one of the older sticks thinking it was malfunctioning, but when I got it resoldered again it did the same thing.

I bought a cheap multimeter with the soldering iron and tried my hand and trying to look for the problem, though those videos I looked into didn’t help and from the checking, they all seemed to kinda work from the continuity check on the multimeter ( I couldn’t tell all the ports acted the same way so either I got a bad multimeter or i wasn’t using it correctly.

In final I might try to unsolder it again today and clean up the board, but if someone has any idea why it’s being stuck like this and not in center would help alot. I am at a loss.

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Since no one helped me. I looked at it more closely and found the traces I scratched taking out one of the sticks.

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